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​​Lane#21, House#320 (4th Floor),  Mohakhali New DOHS, Dhaka-1206, ​Bangladesh.

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​​14 Purana Poltan, Darus-Salam Arcade (6th Floor), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

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SaaS Apparel Sourcing Ltd. a 100% export oriented leading garments buying house & sourcing agent in Bangladesh for all kinds of readymade garments of today’s fashion world. 

Quality | Workmanship | Commitment | Sourcing Strength | are the key to success of our business

Why Choose Us?

Six Reasons For Clients / Customers / Buyers Choosing Us (Saas Apparel Sourcing Ltd.)

Bangladesh (Location)

No other country does it so well. All things that are needed are in China from yarn to fabric to trims to factories to processes that provide speed to logistics, and they have us.

Variable MOQ

Through we have our own brand, we can offer you some of our own designs are low MOQ. Also, our sourcing factories has good relation & long time cooperation MOU with us, they support us in this.

SaaS Apparel Sourcing Ltd. (Vendor)

With our owner 25+ years experienced in garments industry & 10+ years experienced as a exporter (vendor) also we know how you will be in safe hands. We provide a complete turnkey solution to your fashions sourcing.

Sourcing, Pricing & Benefit

Everything we will source for you. You can cross check our sourcing qualities & prices with our competitors, you will always see a good advantage. We guarantee you the best possible price and quality.


We always will listen to your needs and customize our solutions to suit your needs. We know how important your time is. Let’s see how we can save you some.

Commitment & Quality

Key to our success is commitment for best quality product & timely shipment.

Our Services

We Are Committed To Provide Best Quality & Services

Sample section is the heart of a buying house & marketing. We have well setup sample section with fully equipped & latest model machines which is helps us to given support time to time sampling in our valuable customers.

Design & Development

We have own research & development (R&D) Section with experienced designer, developer & technician. Also, we have in-house sample section facilities with senior machine operators and garment technicians. So we can develop, cutting, stitching & finish samples instantly. if customer needs to customized any design & development then our R&D team cooperate with them & finalize design & development.

Production & Follow-Up

Production follow-up in garment making is a crucial process that ensures the smooth and efficient execution of every stage in the manufacturing of apparel. It involves tracking and managing various aspects of production, from material procurement to final product delivery. We have a dedicated quality & merchandising team for this.

Shipping/Cargo handling (For LDP / DDP Shipment)

Shipping and cargo handling services are integral components of logistics and supply chain management, especially for LDP (Landed Duty Paid) and DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipments. These services ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods from the point of origin to their final destination. We have a good source & experienced team for follow-up all issues.

We have a dedicated sourcing team who has continuous starving to ensure the right product at right cost from right place & at right time for this reason we are offering you competitive price from others with good quality goods.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Policy is a concise and crucial document that outlines an organization’s commitment to maintaining and delivering top-notch products or services. It serves as a roadmap for maintaining consistent quality, defining standards and processes, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Key components include setting quality objectives, adhering to industry standards, outlining quality control procedures, assigning responsibilities. We have e dedicated Experienced quality & technical team.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a critical aspect of the garments manufacturing vendor’s operations, responsible for orchestrating the flow of materials, processes, and information from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of finished garments to customers. We have experienced supply chain team for smooth execution.

Post Shipment services (For LDP / DDP Shipment)

Post-shipment services, whether for LDP (Landed Duty Paid) or DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipments, are essential steps in the logistics and supply chain process that occur after goods have been shipped from the manufacturer or supplier to the destination. These services are crucial for ensuring a smooth and successful delivery process. We have a good source & experienced team for follow-up this

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We are committed & guarantee to you shipment within ontime if any natural disester will not happen.

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